Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Italy vs. El Lay

LA: Will I miss you or do I hate you? I know for sure that I had to leave LA for the summer because I kinda want to miss out on all the fake Silicon titty babes that are floating the Hotel pools in Hollywood like a tsunami leaving no space to breathe and relax by the pool.

I had to see my Dad, who is as excited as a little kid about his new motorcycle cruiser. I had to see my mum, who is so proud that she did not got caught by German customs for bringing 3 suitcases full of California Outlet Mall gear.

I also had to go back to Europe to see my old homies from High school who are like family to me. Every year we rent out a big house in the Tuscany Hills, just for our group living like hippies in a big community with lots of cooking, talking and guitar playing. It is so much fun! I find it amazing how you leave your best friends for a year, you come back and nothing has changed. No drama, nothing!

Why do we always choose Italy? In my opinion, it is the most chill and classy country in the world.

Italy is a place where Pasta is served without triple-meatball marinara sauce, topped with 1 pound of extra  garlic chicken.

It is a place where you can order a REAL PIZZA from a wood fire oven and does NOT look like a truck dumped all kinds of sausages, extra peperoni, fake cheese and bbq sauce on it. I am also kinda excited about the fact that in Italy I do NOT have the option to get an extra bag of 50 chicken wings, incl. 12 oz of ranch sauce and a gallon of Soda if I order more than 2 pizzas.

Italy is a place where the server is not stealing your plate after you literally swallowed your last bite 2 seconds ago, asking if you would like an overpriced dessert, followed by repeatedly asking if the food was ok just to make sure that the expected 20% tip is justified. Fuck noooo, in Italy they let you eat, for hours, they let you drink wine for hours and you would rather invite your server to sit down with you and have a glass of wine than paying him 20 % tip. (I am not talking about the tourist hotspots like Venice; I’m talking about the simple Italian lifestyle).

I do not miss a second all the news helicopters flying over Hollywood 24/7, all the stupid “Asian Invasion” tourists running around like ants up and down the Hollywood Blvd and last but not least I do not miss Carmagaedon bullshit (closing down the 405 Freeway for 1 day).  Come on guys, America is about to lose its 5 star rating status because of their horrifying financial situation and all people talk about is Lady Gaga tweeting about the potential 405 Carmagaedon. Well this is LA, the show must go on.

But I do miss LA a lot. Every single day. And I tell you why...Soon. Stay tuned.

Arrivederci. Un bacio. Love from Germany

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